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Reflections in Raindrops

Beyond Time, Beyond Space, Beyond Imagination

StellarWind Elsydeon
Armbladed biomechanical construct, biologist, worldbuilder, collector of useless factoids, part time pun deity and all around average creature who lurks in the shadows and creates stuff on a regular basis.

I could say that I am yet another soul in an infinite universe, eternally in search of poetic justice, a drop of sense, love, happiness and my shapeshifting abilities (not necessarily in that order) - but that would make me sound cliché and wannabe deep. I could say that I'm a random madperson, an unclassified life-form with too much imagination - but that would make me sound too much like everyone else out there. I could say I am a thinker in search of an answer - but I already know said answer is fourty-two. I could say I am prone to obsessing over the strangest things - but then again, today we are going to learn how to have curry from common household objects, the last Xanafalgue is in captivity, the galaxy is not so *frumple*. SURPRISE AND TERROR!

... So I'll just say this - I'm just me. That's all there really is to it.


What more could one wish for than the stars to guide his steps where he walks, the moon to light his way in darkness and a lovely companion by his side to keep him company through the long, forgotten night?

"We are the universe, trying to understand itself." ~ Ambassador Delenn explaining Minbari Belief, Babylon 5.