StellarWind Elsydeon (stellarwind) wrote,
StellarWind Elsydeon

Song of the Now.

Well, two songs, actually - "Broken Bicycles" (originally by Tom Waits) and "Junk" (originally by Paul McCartney) - woven into one song by Elvis Costello and Anne Sofie von Otter. This particular version has been on my mind for over a week in which I've been trying to identify what the song even was. Today I finally found it and... yeah. It just hits me in a variety of ways.

Broken bicycles, old busted chains
Rusted handlebars out in the rain...
Somebody must have an orphanage for
These things that nobody wants anymore...

September's reminding July
It's time to be saying goodbye
Summer is gone but our love will remain
Like old broken bicycles, out in the rain...

Motorcars, handlebars, bicycles for two
Broken-hearted jubilee
Parachutes, army boots, sleeping-bags for two
Sentimental jamboree
"Buy, buy," says the sign in the shop window
"Why, why?" says the junk in the yard...

Broken bicycles, don't tell my folks
'Cause all those playing cards pinned to the spokes
Laid out like skeletons out on the lawn
The wheels won't turn when the other half's gone
Seasons can turn on a dime
Somehow I forget every time
For the things that you've given me will always stay
They're broken, but I'll never throw them away...
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