StellarWind Elsydeon (stellarwind) wrote,
StellarWind Elsydeon

Level Up!

Year 28 on this gogforsaken rock. The natives suspect nothing.


Nature has decided to give me one hell of an early birthday present in the form of some epic frelling storms that have been raging around here in the last few days - which makes an excellent change from the typically Schizophrainy (that is, the type of weather where it isn't sure if it is or isn't raining, fluctuating in a matter of minutes) weather common around our Decembers. Since the storms were crazy enough to rather shut down the roads for now (and my dad caught some kind of flu) we aren't actually doing one of our typical trips (that will have to wait for next week perhaps?) this birthday weekend. We spent today (yesterday, I should say!) in, had some great lasagna and rewatched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Tomorrow (that is to say today, the date of the actual hatchday) we go, consume steaks and then watch the sequel.

I have some good feelings about this year.
Tags: level up, life
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