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And then my brain wrote a Miato episode. - Reflections in Raindrops

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April 2nd, 2013

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10:45 am - And then my brain wrote a Miato episode.
Even though the thought of Ash and his Tagalongs (invariably a fanservice girl and a creepy walking exposition character/cook) polluting Miato with their presence is generally a shuddersome thought to me, my mind spontaneously wrote an episode centered around the Alraunum line.

And this is about how it goes.

The episode takes place in... a forest. I want to say Quartz Forest, but I'm not really sure. There are rumors and horror stories about some kind of Witch of the Wood who lives deep in the forest and how she may look all kind but she's really a Belladonyx out for prey and how people going deep into the forest at night never come back. You know, the typical horror stories. And Ash, being the complete idiot he is, totally thinks it's a good idea to go in there anyway.

Predictably, Ash and his Tagalongs get hopelessly lost and run afoul of a swarm of angry things. Aforementioned angry things are driven away by a large Mandrebus who emerges from the depths of a forest with a loud screech. It seems that it's about to charge at Ash, when an older-ish lady shows up and calms it down.

She explains that Mandrebus are very much in tune with the forest and do not take kindly to disturbances in their territory - and that this one identified Ash as the source and that is why it almost attacked. She admits to being the so called Witch of the Wood (although her real name is Fate) and that she is aware of all those horror stories about her - and mostly being amused by them. She doesn't really mind them as they guarantee that she has the solitude and peace and quiet that she enjoys - and in case someone DOES attempt to venture in... Well, it's nice to have the occasional visitor.

She invites Ash and Co. in for a cup of tea in her little nice wood cabin. Ash and Co. accept and they generally talk and have a nice time (She'll probably dispense some survival advice and some interesting information about Grass-type stuff). And then another disturbance happens and the Mandrebus charges along. Fate (as well as Ash and Co.) follow it. It turns out that it's Team Rocket (or possibly more competent villains? Not likely considering it's the Pokémon anime, lol), up to their usual shenanigans - and not even the Mandrebus seems to be particularly effective against them. Ash is also rather useless - which forces Fate to get involved in the battle personally...

By turning out to actually be a Belladonyx.

She proceeds to kick righteous ass while Ash and co are all O___O about it.

After sending Team Rocket (or whoever) blasting off again, she sees to the Mandrebus (cue a rather adorable Beauty and the Beast moment for this line XD) and then reverts to her human form. She explains to Ash and Co. that everything she told them -was- true. Fate was indeed the Witch of the Wood and she has indeed lived in this forest for many years. The two were close friends - and when Fate passed on, she took it upon herself to keep the legend of the Witch of the Wood alive, in memory of of her friend.

She and her Mandrebus companion proceed to guide Ash and his Tagalongs to the outskirts of the forest, staying just within the treeline. They say their goodbyes there - and in typical cheesy anime ending fashion, the actual ghost of Fate appears by the Mandrebus and Belladonyx as they walk back into the depths of the forest and waves at the protagonists - who wonder whether they saw what they just saw or not as they walk off on the path to the next city.

Of course the only problem with this entire plotline is the fact that this is Miato and the people of Miato are not known for being a bunch of superstitious fucks. But hey, it's the anime.

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